Friendly Forces was launched in 2022 by currently serving National Guard and Reserve officers in response to a severe increase in mobilizations and deployments among the National Guard and Reserve components of the US military. The founders recognized a gap in readily available, accurate, and aggregated data to help reservists effectively target reserve-friendly organizations with whom to seek employment.

Why is this so important? Because without the civilian job security of its members, the National Guard and Reserve cannot function.

As Friendly Forces began to take shape, the founders realized they could do more for the reservist community, and sought to develop a one-stop shop for analyzing corporate military leave policies, compiling professional development resources, tracking relevant news and legislation, and providing thought leadership.


We help reservists by guiding them to outstanding companies, providing professional development resources, and promoting reservist-friendly legislative action.

We “lift the veil” on part-time service by communicating the unique challenges faced by the 800,000+ US military reservists across all five branches.

We provide aggregated, transparent, up-to-date analysis of corporate military leave policies and rate them according to their friendliness to reservists.


  • Highlight organizations that excel in support of their reservist employees
  • Provide professional development resources to benefit reservists in both their military and civilian careers
  • Track and address critical legislation affecting reservists
  • Educate employers about part-time military service and be a resource for organizations that want to do better


Talent Acquisition Manager, Enveil

You have certainly fostered discussion here! We do have unlimited vacation and we do support reservists whenever they are on duty, no matter how long...but we don't have a formal policy and so I brought that up with [the CEO] and we are writing one! The bottom line is that we support our reservists with whatever duty they are called for, but now we are going to put it in writing to ensure they know that formally.

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